July 04, 2008

No hot dogs and cupcakes for Indians?

Celebrations muted in Native American communitiesI doubt many Native American children wave sparklers in the warm summer air. I doubt many Native American families barbecue hot dogs and eat patriotic cupcakes with little white candy stars on red and blue icing. I also doubt they sit around and watch the night sky light up with amazing displays of fireworks. I doubt many attend patriotic parades that display the stars and stripes of “old glory.” Somehow I don’t think that the descendants of a conquered people see this storied holiday in the same light.

I doubt they all pile into the mini-van and drive out to visit Mount Rushmore (one of America’s most patriotic sites). In fact, Native Americans would have good reason to resent the fact that Mount Rushmore was carved into the Black Hills of South Dakota. This was land that was once promised to the Sioux Indians by treaty. However, the U.S. broke the treaty when gold was discovered in the area (one of several treaties our government broke with the various Indian tribes). It must be disheartening to the Indians to see the likes of Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln where Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, and Red Cloud once resided. The latter of which also fought against a powerful and oppressive government. And even though they eventually lost their epic battle, their efforts were no less heroic.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Fun 4th of July Facts.

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writerfella said...

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writerfella stayed in Friday and watched golf on TV, so it musta been par for the course for other Natives. But he and cuz Milton did go see WALL*E that night. Great flick!
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