July 09, 2008

Paintball tourney for cancer patients

Rez-style paintball--tournaments fund community needs[Tyler] Yazzie is the founder of Central 31--a paint gun organization designed not only to give area youth an outlet but to also help the needy in the community.

"We've helped several people who had cancer," Yazzie continues. "We've helped them with lodging, food--different areas where they needed assistance. We have done other fundraising as well, such as concession stands. We are raising fund for the Hope Cancer Resource Center with this tournament."

"We are supporting this new program run by Brenda Yazzie out of Winslow. She's helping cancer victims in areas like emotional support, money for gas, firewood, and clothing--anywhere she can help out. She is trying to get grants and is working with Lance Armstrong's organization, 'Live Strong,'" Yazzie says.

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