July 10, 2008

Yakama beauty = party girl

Miss Washington Elyse Umemoto's Pageant ScandalUmemoto, 23, a Native American and member of the Yakama Tribe, is the first Miss Washington of Native American decent. at the 2008 Miss America pageant in January in Las Vegas she was named second runner up, and she credited her upbringing on the Yakama Reservation.

"I have so much history and there is such a legacy from my native heritage...and I attribute so much of who I am, and the fact that I think social causes are so important to my family and my upbringing on the reservation,” she said in a local newspaper interview.

Part of the heritage includes a fun, outgoing personality and definite party streak according to the unearth candid photos of Umemoto that TMZ.com posted on its Web site today. They show her cavorting with friends, downing shots of liquor, rolling around in a bed with a bottle of beer and posing in her bra.

Other photos show her making hand signs that represents oral sex between two women. It’s unknown whether Umemoto is a lesbian.
Comment:  Follow the link to see all the photos.

I guess Umemoto promotes her Indian heritage and causes when she's not getting drunk and taking off her clothes.

For more on the subject, see Indian Women as Sex Objects.

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