February 28, 2010

Bradford may play for Redskins

Redskins Journal

Native American QB Sam Bradford willing to play for "Redskins"

By Rich CampbellSam Bradford, the University of Oklahoma quarterback who is part Cherokee Indian, will be drafted with one of the first 10 picks in April--as long as his surgically repaired right shoulder is healthy--and many draft analysts believe he'll end up with the Redskins.

Bradford said today at the NFL scouting combine that he has no problem with that, despite how offensive some Native Americans consider the "Redskins" nickname to be.

It would be an interesting match, considering that Bradford is one-sixteenth Native American. One American Indian group appealed to the Supreme Court last year to have the team's trademarks invalidated, but the court declined to take up the case.

Things could become awkward for Bradford if the Redskins draft him because he's viewed as a role model by many Native Americans. That status increased dramatically in 2008 when he became the first Native American to win the Heisman Trophy.
Comment:  Can you imagine what a statement it would make if the Redskins drafted Bradford and he refused to play for them? He could put the mascot debate on the front page of every sports newspaper and website in the country.

Alas, it isn't going to happen.

Coming from a guy who considers himself more of an American than a Cherokee, Bradford's statement isn't surprising. Other than saying he's proud to be a Cherokee, he hasn't shown any interest in his culture or heritage that I'm aware of. He continues to demonstrate that jocks don't make good role models.

For more on the subject, see Bradford's Durability in Question and Bradford the Messiah?

Below:  Two oddly dissimilar "redskins."


Daniela said...

Many Native Americans look up to Sam Bradford? So far, every Native American student and friend I have encountered at the unversity I attend ,which happens to be OU, dislike him. They say that they dislike him for the very reason that he's only 1/16, but he can captialize on it as a football player in the spotlight.

brouhaha said...

If I was a football playa and I got on da Redskins team, I would dance right up to your office and laugh in yer face for the lulz because only people like you get offended by stuff we hardly even notice.

Unknown said...

Being 1/16 doesn't mean you don't turn out 1/2 or 9/10ths.

The Natives of Newfoundland painted their faces red, hense the origin of the name. The Beothuks are extinct.

Names used for Whites like Paleface--now THAT'S insulting. Red is a symbol of war and passion, etc....Redskin is cool like Bluenoser. Paleface is like Brownnoser.

britney. said...

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Rob said...


Bradford the Messiah?
Basking in Bradford's glow


Most Indians oppose "redskins"
"Redskins" are animals


The origin of "redskin"
Confusing "red" and "redskin"

Lindsey said...

@ Daniela

I posted some of this exact same information and had a slew of Natives trying to defend Bradford, saying he was always at powwows and respected the elders and so on and so on..I never ONCE saw him at ANY powwows in Oklahoma, and I travelled that circuit up until a year or two ago. Yes, a LOT of Natives are trying to use him as some sort of coup or status symbol, and it's appalling.

@ Brouhaha, you're obviously not Native, or at least not following the old ways. Do you even KNOW how hard the hundreds of Native Nations are working to bring that name DOWN? Can't call yourself Native if you're not involved in the community..that's like standing in a garage and calling yourself a car. Get real.