February 19, 2010

Notah at Tiger's apology

Notah Begay III joins Tiger Woods as golfer apologizesTiger Woods’ good friend, Navajo golfer Notah Begay III, was in the front row as his friend apologized for his well-publicized infidelities just minutes ago. “I think Tiger really wants some friends there,” Boston’s WEEI radio commentator Brad Faxon tells NBC, here.

After his long, somber apology, Woods hugged Begay, who was his teammate at Stanford.
Reaction to Tiger Woods' apology

Woods' fellow golfers believe he sounded sincere.
NOTAH BEGAY III, PGA Tour golfer and former Stanford teammate:

"I was emotional and got a little choked up. . . . It's tough to get any man in America just to go to marriage counseling, let alone go into a 45-day rehabilitation. Plus he's going back tomorrow, and that tells me that he's trying to learn about the issues."
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Tiger's Mistress Attacks Indians and 2nd NB3 Challenge Raises $1 Million.

Below:  "Begay and Woods in happier times." (Kevin Rivoli/AP)

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