February 14, 2010

Cherokee world-record holder

World record holder to attempt new records at SequoyahMotivational speaker and world record holder Brian Jackson will attempt to break four new world records at 9 a.m. today at the Sequoyah High School gym.

Jackson will attempt to break the record for the most candles blown out with one breath, the fastest time to make 100 balloon dogs, the fastest balloon modeling and the farthest golf ball spitting.

Jackson, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, holds the world record for the fastest time to burst three hot water bottles. For three years, he held the world record for bursting one hot water bottle.
The fastest time to blow-up a standard hot water bottle until it bursts is 51.98 sec, by Brian Jackson (USA) at the Tahlequah High School, Tahlequah, Oklahoma, USA, on 13 April 2006.Also, a video of another claimant to the hot-water-bottle world record:

Fastest Hot Water Bottle Burst

Comment:  Jackson apparently has amazing lung power. All his records involve blowing.

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