February 17, 2010

Connecticut statue goes to Lucky Strike

Richmond American Indian sculpture to get new homeThe Richmond Metropolitan Authority has accepted a proposal to relocate a giant American Indian sculpture from the city's minor league ballpark to a new home.

The authority approved Odell Associates' proposal Tuesday. Pending a sales contract by both parties, the sculpture will be moved to the Lucky Strike power plant building in Richmond's Tobacco Row.

The 2,400-pound sculpture known as "Connecticut" has been a part of The Diamond since 1985. It served as a towering symbol of the Class AAA Richmond Braves.

But with a new team called the Flying Squirrels coming to the city, the authority decided the sculpture is no longer needed at the ballpark.
Comment:  I've been reading about this move. I looked for a picture of "Connecticut" but couldn't find one. I want to see whether it's stereotypical or not.

For more on the subject, see Best Indian Monuments to Topple.

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For more on the subject, see:


Giant American Indian statue finds new Va. location

A 2,400-pound fiberglass-and-resin sculpture of an American Indian that resided at the top of Richmond's minor-league baseball stadium for more than two decades has found a new home and a new role.

"Connecticut" now rests atop the southeast corner of Odell Associates, a downtown architectural firm housed in the historic Lucky Strike Building near the James River.