January 05, 2011

Grouplove's stereotypical Colours video

Music Video Fail of the Week:  Grouplove ‘Goes Native’ for New Single

By Arturo R. GarcíaDirected by Jordan Bahat, the video starts with lead singer Christian Zucconi being led by two men toward a tree somewhere in the desert. A rope is slung around a tree and Zucconi’s kicked down. Yup, he’s about to be lynched. (One wonders how this led the magazine to compare the video to Where The Wild Things Are.)

But wait! Zucconi’s fearless bandmates appear on the scene, clad in “warpaint,” feathers, “headdresses” and brandishing “tomahawks” and skinny jeans. They rescue Zucconi, who is revealed to be part of the “tribe,” as he’s also sporting feathers.
Comment:  Another case of hipster headdresses...sigh.

For more stereotypical videos, see Tribal Girls in Hot 'n' Fun Video and "Moccasin Scanks" Video.

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