February 10, 2011

Al Jazeera to visit Fort Berthold

Al Jazeera crew coming to Fort BertholdNorth Dakota's oil boom is drawing the interest of the international broadcaster Al Jazeera English.

A producer, reporter and cameraman plan to travel from Washington, D.C., and New York to New Town late this week. They plan to explore how the Fort Berthold Reservation community and the Three Affiliated Tribes are dealing with the oil boom. They'll meet with Tribal Chairman Tex Hall and also get the views of tribal elders.
Comment:  For more on Islam, see Sharia Ban Could Ban Tribal Law and Racists vs. Reformers on Islam.


Stephen Bridenstine said...


I've been watching a new show on the Planet Green channel called 'Boomtown' all about the effects of oil drilling in Parshall, ND which as far as I can tell is on Fort Berthold. Much to my surprise they never mentioned the reservation even once even though you see plenty of native faces, places, and names. Then again, the show's all about the oil so I suppose in a certain sense it doesn't matter. (though I know tribal politics still play a big part)

Here's the link:


dmarks said...

From Wikipedia, "Parshall is a city lying within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation. It is located on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in Mountrail County, North Dakota, in the United States"

That puts the town on the reservation. Another source says that the oil fields are north and west of the town.

According to this reservation map, this probably means that the oil drilling sites are not actually on MHA Nation territory.

Anonymous said...

Al-Jazeera is actually interesting because in Islamic countries, they're accused of having a Zionist bias, while in America, they're accused of having a pro-bin Laden bias.

Which just goes to show that most accusations of bias in the media are because they're not telling the story the speaker wants told.