February 10, 2011

Zazzle's "Go Native Americans!" mousepad

AIM Santa Barbara posted a link to another "Native" product on Zazzle.com, the do-it-yourself online vendor:Native Americans

Go Native Americans! No really get lost. To be fair they were here first and they'll probably be here after we'll all gone, just like the cockroaches.

Comment:  Zazzle took this item down soon after AIM Santa Barbara protested it. So I don't have a full-size picture of it. But the text reads:Go Native Americans!
No really, get lost
In addition to the stereotypical teepee, it's noteworthy that someone thought a racist mousepad was acceptable on a mainstream website. It shows just how deeply racial hate is embedded in our society.

For more on Zazzle's products, see Zazzle Removes Offensive T-Shirts and Zazzle's "Indian Name" T-Shirts.

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