February 24, 2011

Critics slam Fischer's "Christianity"

Some general reactions to Fischer's latest anti-Indian column (Fischer:  Indians Were Thieves and Fischer:  Indians Should Emulate Pocahontas):Bryan Fischer, Why don't you read John 3:16. As a Native American Christian woman, I will pray for you because God loves you. You have an evil heart and you need to repent. Only the true God will heal your mind and cleanse you of the evil spirits in your soul. With your words, you have committed blasphemy against a loving God. Eternal hell awaits you if you don't turn away from your evil thoughts and words.

Well if this Jesus would come back...He would really have a show down with many of his so called followers...especially You Bryan Fischer! "Love thy neighbor...because you live on their land!"

As a committed Christian, many of the response of "Christians" to this horrendous piece disturb me as much as the article. Nationalism, ethnocentrism and conversion-by-sword are not the values of the Gospel. If you perceive that it is, I would question your understanding of the teachings of Christ, and unfortunately such a discussion would be too long to get into here.

Once again, a so-called Christian unforgivably excuses genocide. "If only the Indians recognized they were inferior then we wouldn't have had to exterminate them and take their land by force." You might call yourself a Christian, but you are anything but. Like the Bible says, "They will know we are Christians by our genocidal hatred."

It seems to me you pulled your last anti-First Nations post because of overwhelming negative response, hopefully that will be repeated.

So all would be good in the world if only everyone were just like Bryan? Get over yourself.

I think Fischer is a loon but good for him for stating his beliefs. I'd rather see blind hatred in all its naked splendor than see it white-washed and hidden under the veil of politics. ... At least with people like Fischer, you don't have to decode their statements to find the true motivation. It's all right there.

Mr. Fischer, are you ill? It's bigoted commentary like this that seems extraordinarily out of place for an author or your erudition to be writing in 2011.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Critics Slam Fischer's Racism and Fischer:  Natives Had No Morals.

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