February 10, 2011

Fischer's passion for killing

Here's some background on Bryan Fischer, the neo-Nazi pundit for the American Family Association:

A Christian Warmonger on Steroids

By Laurence M. VanceFischer maintains that "we have feminized the Medal of Honor." This is a "disturbing trend" that he has noticed, but "which few others seem to have recognized." He laments that "every Medal of Honor awarded during these two conflicts has been awarded for saving life." He is upset that "not one has been awarded for inflicting casualties on the enemy." Fischer wants U.S. soldiers to do one thing--kill:

So the question is this: when are we going to start awarding the Medal of Honor once again for soldiers who kill people and break things so our families can sleep safely at night?

I would suggest our culture has become so feminized that we have become squeamish at the thought of the valor that is expressed in killing enemy soldiers through acts of bravery.

We rightly honor those who give up their lives to save their comrades. It’s about time we started also honoring those who kill bad guys.

The reaction to Fischer’s column was fierce. The comments posted were overwhelmingly negative.
Fischer wrote a second column defending the first column. Vance continues:I guess Fischer’s ideal candidate for the Medal of Honor would be Lt. William Calley or a worker on the Manhattan Project.

After trying to justify his unholy desire with Scripture, which arguments I will examine in due course, Fischer closes his second column thusly:

War is certainly a terrible thing, and should only be waged for the highest and most just of causes. But if the cause is just, then there is great honor in achieving military success, success which should be celebrated and rewarded.

The bottom line here is that the God of the Bible clearly honors those who show valor and gallantry in waging aggressive war in a just cause against the enemies of freedom, even while inflicting massive casualties in the process. What I’m saying is that it’s time we started imitating God’s example again.

There are two issues here that need to be addressed. One, Fischer’s support for U.S. soldiers killing in Iraq and Afghanistan. And two, Fischer’s attempt to justify, with Scripture, his passion for killing.
Comment:  Fischer's ideal candidate for the medal probably would be Custer (Washita massacre) or Chivington (Sand Creek massacre). I'm sure he'd agree that our Indian wars were as "just" as any other American war.

This article obviously sheds light on Fischer's column arguing for the slaughter of savage Indians. Summing up his position, if white Christian Americans kill people, it's good by definition.

For more on the subject, see Critics Slam Fischer's Racism and Fischer:  Natives Had No Morals.

Below:  Dead Iraqi child or future terrorist? Does it matter? Either way, Fischer cheers for the Americans who killed him.


Anonymous said...

I don't even think Fischer knows how the military acts. One big part of a typical military operation is doing things great (taking care not to kill kids) and small (learning local protocol) to make sure that the locals have a high opinion of you so that you don't face more enemies down the line.

Hmm...Leeroy Jenkins much?

Anonymous said...

A few other of Fisher's "medal of (dis)honor candidates: General Connor (Bear River Massacre),
Colonel Baker (Marias Massacre),
General Harney (Bluewater Creek massacre), General Nathaniel Lyon (Humboldt Bay Massacre), General Sully (Whitestone Hill massacre),
Lt. Austin Henley (Sappa Creek massacre), General Earl van Dorn (Rush Spring Massacre)and so on.
If this list does not convince anyone that there was our government was into a systematic program of genocide, I don't know what will.