June 04, 2012

Adrian Grenier's Native roots

Adrian Grenier, star of TV's Entourage, appeared on Finding Your Roots recently (airdate: 5/20/12). Some postings on his ancestry:

Adrian GrenierGrenier was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the son of Karesse Grenier and John T. Dunbar. His parents met at a commune in the 1970s, and were never married. His father was from Ohio and was of European ancestry (the Dunbar surname is of Scottish origin); his mother was born in New Mexico to a Hispanic family, with Mestizo roots.Finally Someone on Finding Your Roots Has a Native American Ancestor

By TammyAdrian Grenier calls himself a “Native American white boy,” who checks the “Other” box on forms. ... “Other” Adrian was raised by a single mother who wanted him to identify with his rumored Apache forebear more than the Hispanic community she left.Dr. Henry Louis Gates Talks About Finale of “Finding Your Roots”Adrian Grenier confesses that he “never really embraced” his Latino heritage, but instead feels a stronger identity to the Apache descent he's heard about since childhood.Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Discusses His PBS Docu-Series, "Finding Your Roots"

The outcome

First Grenier learns that his "Apache" ancestor was listed as white in all the official documents. Oops. Then comes this key moment:

Watch Adrian Grenier's Conquistador Ancestor on PBS. See more from Finding Your Roots.

The video omits the rest of the story. The conquistador settled in New Mexico and raised a family with a Pueblo woman, so Grenier is part Pueblo Indian. As Wikipedia continues:A DNA test, on the PBS program Finding Your Roots, showed Adrian to have approximately 8% Native American ancestry and that his matrilineal line was Native American.For more on genealogy, see School Project Features Choctaw Journals and Warren's Cherokee Claim Unsubstantiated?

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