June 29, 2012

Construction of Oklahoma cultural center halted

American Indian Cultural Center and Museum Suspends ConstructionAccording to an AP report, the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum, currently being built in downtown Oklahoma City, will halt construction on July 1 due to financial difficulties.

“We’re not quitting,” said Executive Director Blake Wade, according to the AP. “We’re dedicated to getting that job done.”

Dedication, though, isn’t the issue—the problem is that the Oklahoma Legislature declined to issue a $40 million bond last month that would be necessary for the museum’s completion.

The final construction cost is estimated to be $171 million; to date, $91 million has been sunk into the project, with $64.3 million of that having come from state coffers.
Comment:  For more on Native museums, see Cherokees Debut Prison Museum and The Wounded Knee Museum.

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Unknown said...

Their quantity surveyor must've mismanaged all the costs associated in the construction. The lack of funds is only half of the problem. They should have anticipated the flow of money in the process.