June 06, 2012

Off-Centered's stereotypical headdress logo

Adrienne Keene notes this stereotypical logo in her Native Appropriations Tumblr:The Off-Centered Film Fest back in April used this as their logo. Not just a headdress, but a headdress made of BEER. Not one single person thought that might be a problem? Really? Apparently it was “three nights of western-themed fun.”

Yep. Stereotyping and ongoing colonialism is really “fun.”

Comment:  This goes in the same category as all the hipster headdresses and "Indians" parties we've noted. For instance:

Eurovision singer performs in a headdress
Heidi Klum in a headdress
Racist "Windian" poster
Drew Barrymore in a headdress
Stereotypical "Run Wild" fashion shoot
Robotic's "Pilgrims and Indians Theme Party"
"Indian Market Special" headdress

It's even more akin to the Indian imagery used to tout beer and drinking:

AIM fights "Runs with Beer" t-shirt
Selling beer with Chief Oshkosh
Teepees in Koff beer ad
"Drunk Indian" t-shirts aren't stereotypical?

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