December 10, 2007

Christmas skips stereotypes

Here we have dueling reviews of the 2005 Native movie Christmas in the Clouds. Actually, there's not much contrast between them, as the reviewers think Christmas is either as sweet as sugar or slightly sweeter than sugar. But one reviewer notes several, er, noteworthy aspects of the film:

“Christmas in the Clouds”...The VUE Crew ReVUES
  • A ski bunny chasing [a] ski instructor that could be someone of any race

  • The business is not a casino, though it is a resort

  • A vegetarian chef (no "Indian Tacos" on the menu), fine Ray (Tim Vahle—Choctaw ) says, "baby steps"

  • The son who does go for the "higher education" and "corporate job," but comes back to help his people

  • Several of the characters (played by Phillip Blanchett and Karina Moeller) sing a Yupik Inuit version of "Silent Night" in front of the fireplace with the children gathered around

  • Christian Natives, after all the movie is set at Christmas time and entitled Christmas in the Clouds
  • Comment:  I did my usual roundup of reviews here, concluding +that Christmas deserved a 7.5 of 10.

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