December 06, 2007

Indians as occultists

Native religion equated with magic, astrology, human sacrifice

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writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
Okay, the 'Christians-only' forces said the same things about Hallowe'en celebrations, THE WIZARD OF OZ, ALICE IN WONDERLAND, LORD OF THE RINGS, the HARRY POTTER SERIES, the GOLDEN COMPASS books, and even the TARZAN and the ALAN QUARTERMAIN series of children's fictions. And the interesting thing is that all of those arose from within EuroMan's own culture itself! This exactly is how those forces attacked Native American culture and beliefs when both physical and cultural genocide were ongoing, and so it must be that such attacks still are occurring. It is an act of desperation, unfortunately. Right this very moment, 'Christian forces' are trying to foment a boycott against the Holiday film release of THE GOLDEN COMPASS, even if it is the case that only that writer's later books fostered any kind of anti-Christian rhetoric. Unfortunately, as has been clearly demonstrated of late, either self-appointed critical or Christian-derived 'boycotts' of modern films rarely succeed, and THE GOLDEN COMPASS will make its money even if 'Christian forces' stay away. Better that they should, as their light in the 21st century is fading and dying. And 'the Rapture' itself will be far less enjoyable when it never comes to be, just as 'The Second Coming' DID NOT OCCUR back in 1997, the supposed start of the Third Millennium...
All Best
Russ Bates