September 03, 2008

Media smearing Todd Palin?

Here's an example of a conservative nutjob inventing a smear campaign where none exists:

'Fairness' and the Smearing of Gov. PalinHer husband, the liberal media reported, back in the 1980s got a ticket for driving “under the influence.”

This seemingly trivial story is actually the opening wedge of a multi-pronged orchestrated left-wing attack designed to appeal to the racism that has always been at the heart of the Democratic Party.

Palin’s husband, you see, is part Native American. His ancestors include Inuits, i.e., Eskimos. But if this fact enters the news untinted by left-wing bias, it would show Gov. Palin to be inclusive, non-racist, and noble—qualities the media intends to prevent voters from seeing.

The liberal media is therefore falsely implying that Palin’s husband is alcoholic, and from there it will echo those left-wing blogs who paint him with the “drunken Indian” racist stereotype long promoted by Democrats.
Comment:  I've read a few dozen articles on Sarah Palin and her husband. Only a few have mentioned his DUI in passing. Not one has linked it to his Native ancestry or implied he's an alcoholic.

Nor has anyone said anything about Sarah Palin's attitude toward minorities. She may be a book-banner and a creationist, a hypocrite on earmarks and the Bridge to Nowhere, and a liar enmeshed in a scandal that may lead to charges, but no one has claimed she's a racist.

The only smear going on here is this right-wing attempt to smear the media. Republicans are upset because McCain picked a train-wreck of a candidate for VP. They're trying to salvage their campaign by blaming the messenger for the message.


P. A. Medley said...

I have yet to meet any Republican who isn't wildly in love with Governor Palin. Not that I go out of my way to meet them, though...

Rob said...

Palin wants to drill for oil, ban books, teach creationism, control women's bodies, and convert gays to straights. She's eager for earmarks, fires appointees who buck her, favors "Bridge to Nowhere" boondoggles, and parades her unwed daughter's pregnancy. While proclaiming the virtues of self-reliance, her state leads the nation in accepting federal handouts. If she can't make Alaska into a right-wing paradise, she hopes to secede from the Union.

In short, what's not to love? Republicans don't want someone who knows about foreign or economic policy; they revel in style over substance. For them, Palin is the perfect candidate: ignorant, corrupt, mendacious, and hypocritical.