May 22, 2009

Another Bizarro casino cartoon

This is about the third or fourth time Dan Piraro has addressed the subject of Indian gaming. Apparently has nothing original to say about it. Indians own casinos: Ho-hum.

Every columnist or cartoonist must say something about how it's ironic that Indians are getting revenge via casinos. Give it up, people. This observation wasn't interesting the first time, and now people have noted it thousands of times.

For more on the subject, see Native Comic Strips vs. Comic Books.


dmarks said...

And the other night, Jay Leno mentioned the anniversary of the death of Christopher Columbus. He said that Columbus died a pauper, which had to be to him losing all his money at Indian casinos.

Rob said...

Good catch. These "jokes" are about as fresh as old Vaudeville routines. "They used to kill us with arrows, and now they're killing us with slot machines!" (rimshot)