May 30, 2009

Women of the Four Winds concert

Women of the Four Winds Concert Event at the Taos Mountain Casino“Celebrating the creativity, beauty, talent, and wisdom of Native American performers.”

Music unifies the world and on Saturday, June 27, 2009 at 7pm, the Women of the Four Winds will be doing just that as Four Winds, LLC proudly presents a once in a lifetime first of Native American/Indigenous women coming together to perform their amazing music on one stage in an event to be hosted by The Taos Mountain Casino in Taos, New Mexico. Featuring Nammy Award winning artists Martha Redbone, Wayquay, 2009 Juno Award nominee (Canadian Grammy) Tracy Bone, and introducing Davidica with comedian Dawn Dumont serving as MC.
Comment:  Usually entertainment events are dominated by men, so it's nice to see an all-female lineup.

Below:  Historic Taos pueblo (not the site of the concert).

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