May 26, 2009

"Aztec build" in Ugly Betty

A recap describes a scene in The Fall Issue (airdate: 5/21/09), the season finale of Ugly Betty:That night, Betty is getting drunk along with Amanda and Marc in the Manhattan apartment. Betty and Marc have margarita glasses and Amanda is drinking from the blender. Betty complains about her day and also about Daniel and Wili. Amanda calls Marc and Betty idiots, which prompts Marc to observe that Amanda's a mean drunk. Amanda's point is that they're both whining a lot. And also, Amanda needs someone to win so she can glom onto them. And with Marc's brains and Betty's "Aztec build," Amanda feels they can do anything. She has no more specific advice, because she is exceedingly drunk. Betty suggests to Marc that they join forces.Comment:  The "Aztec build" line doesn't say much. (Did Aztecs have a particular build?) But it shows the writers still have Natives on the mind. They're developing a Native connection for Betty or acknowledging that Latino culture is connected to Native culture.

For more on the subject, see "Slowpoke-ahontas" in Ugly Betty and TV Shows Featuring Indians.

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