May 24, 2009

Absence of Honor in Indian gaming

Novelist tells club about Native American lifeA Deer Park author described his novel of suspense and corruption set in a Native American reservation to the Lake Zurich Rotary Club at its meeting May 8.

"It's not a Native American story, it's a story about corruption and how it exists," Jim Proebstle, author of "In the Absence of Honor," told the 23-person audience at Gino's East, 561 W. Main St., Lake Zurich.

Proebstle explained the plot of his book, in which a flawed bargain over land between a Minnesota brewery executive and a local tribal council leads to murder, and the exposure of stolen tribal casino profits by the tribal "mafia."

"It's ends in Washington D.C., where all good conspiracies end," Proebstle said jokingly.

Proebstle said there were good and bad characters on both the tribal and American sides.

"Its not just a dark story of evil--there is a bell curve of both good and evil," Proebstle said. "There is also a story of love and hope that builds through the novel."
Comment:  Another novel that equates Indian gaming with corruption and crime. How utterly unoriginal.

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