July 05, 2010

Bosque Redondo = model for Auschwitz

In response to my posting on Kit Carson, correspondent DMarks found the following:

Why is the Bosque Redondo Memorial called the Site of Conscience?Tourists passing along N. M. State Highway 60/84 whiz by a sign demarcating Billy the Kid's grave. Little do they realize that a recently erected sign announcing a newly declared New Mexico state monument marks the location of the greatest holocaust ever wrought on a single site upon American soil and upon American conscience: a prison camp which held thousands of Americans against their will without trial by jury, never having been accused of a crime, and in which thousands died of starvation, exposure to the elements, contaminated drinking water, venereal disease, and rotten food, and from having been worked to death--buried, nameless, faceless, without record, in mass graves.How bad was it?"Hweeldi," meaning in the Navajo tongue "the place of suffering," was a forced labor prison camp which was subsequently studied by Nazis in order to perfect their death camps for Jews. It served as a prototype for Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Dachau and other sites of mass murder of the Third Reich.Comment:  As I said, I debated someone on whether Bosque Redondo qualified as a concentration camp. Answer: Yes, it does.

The posting above reads like a newspaper article copied from somewhere. There's no source for the claim that the Nazis used Bosque Redondo as a model for Auschwitz and the other death camps.

I've heard that Hitler modeled the whole Holocaust on the genocide of American Indians. These claims seem plausible to me, but I'm not sure they're true.

For more on the subject, see Adolf Hitler:  A True American and America's Concentration Camps.


Native Brother said...

Did The Nazis learn from America?

This is something that might be a matter of debate for some of our Hebrew brethren, but I always considered the possibility that the German Nazis learned alot about imprisonment; torture; legislative maneuvering; scientific experiments including sterilization of females and acts of terrorism by kicking in doors with weapons aimed at children and elderly to murder from American politicians and its military might.

From the colonial times on through both World Wars and even today in some parts of the country, excessive force is still being used by law enforcement and the courts against natives.

It is not to dismiss or forget the atrocities committed against the Jewish people. Like the American Indians today, Jews are still met with terrorist and anti-semitic/racial movements.

NEWSPAPER ROCK acts as a counter movement to what Europe experienced during WWII's Nazi propaganda machine here in the US against the American Indian.

I applaude Mr. Rob for his efforts in bringing to light such information and historical references in an academic and educational manner.

Deb Krol said...

Remind me to check "American Holocaust," which IIRC has the correct facts about Hitler and his solution to the "Jewish problem" and how it links up to reservations and federal Indian policy.