July 05, 2010

Navajo photographs One Nation, One Year

Navajo Photographer Don James Captures One Nation, One Year

By Anne Artley[Don James] began his project, a yearlong journey into the Navajo Reservation, a space occupying parts of New Mexico, Arizona and Utah, to tell the real stories of Navajo Nation. Equipped with only his truck, sleeping bag, camera, and a few changes of clothes, James set off on what would become a life-changing experience.

His final work is presented in his book One Nation, One Year, and each colorful photo is accompanied with a short explanation about the subject, and the day and time at which it was taken. The photos are arranged in chronological order, from February 8, 2008, the beginning of his trip, to February 4, 2009, the day he left the reservation.
Comment:  For more on Native-themed photography, see Hopi Shirts Feature Old Photos and Through the Lens: Diné Photographers.

Below:  Self Portrait in MV...conclusion of my One Year One Nation Project. (Don James)

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