July 02, 2010

"One of the 50 fattiest foods"

Magazine takes aim on South Dakota frybread as one of nation's fattiest foodsSouth Dakota's official bread has been put in the crosshairs of a national health magazine.

“Health” magazine on Tuesday named frybread as one of the 50 fattiest foods in the United States as part of a story identifying at least one less-than-healthy food item from each state.
Some edifying comments on this article:Just a quick fact check. Frybread is not a 'traditional' Lakota food. It is something we created out of the high-fat commodities we were forced to eat as a result of our buffalo being killed in the sorriest attempt at Native extermination ever. Additionally, being forced onto reservations where many of the roots and berries we lived on were not growing contributed to our unhealthy diets as well. I guess being fat/unhealthy is something the government has been pushing on people for a long time now. Just look around you.

Wait a minute, along the same argument, I could blame the 1950s fast food diners on Americans' obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high sodium, etc. We can't lay blame on a whole group of peoples' eating disorders and bad habits on government, society and the like. We all have to take personal accountability in our daily actions and lives.

i personally don't care how high in cholesterol or whatever is wrong with it, i love fry bread. i come home once a year to enjoy this fattening food and i love it!! whether i die today or tomorrow, i am going to enjoy life and the foods that i love to eat!!
And this one:The biggest problem with the heath magazine, is that most people forget one key word. Moderation.

Sure, if you eat 6-8 pieces of fry bread, maybe a little refried beans and slather it with sour cream and some cheddar cheese, you have the makings of a gutbomb 101. Add into it a diet and exercise routine of getting the remote, watching reruns and sleeping in the easy chair, you should die in a couple months, easy.

The key, is maybe enjoy it 3-4 times a year, with more lettuce, light sour cream, fat free cheese or even just with a little clover honey...and get out of the easy chair and over to the pool now and then.
Comment:  Some of these people seem to be in a bit of denial. 3-4 times a year? Correspondent Melvin Martin reported on one Indian boy who ate frybread 3-4 times a week. I bet that isn't uncommon.

Those who say it's a whole meal are also kidding themselves. One serving of frybread probably has half or more of the daily recommended calories. So it's a whole meal...if you have only one other moderate meal per day. If you have three equally fattening meals per day, not to mention snacks, you're in trouble.

Obesity is a major problem among Indians. If they aren't eating frybread regularly, they're eating something else that's just as bad. People need to stop glorifying food like this as a "tradition" and start eating fruit and vegetables.

For more on the subject, see Frybread = "Impending Doom" and Frybread = Prison Food.

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