September 04, 2010

The Paiute-Burning Man relationship

Burning Man helps locals make some money

By Mark Lundahl“They get a bad rap because of the way they dress, but they’re very nice,” he said.

Such is the symbiotic relationship between the Pyramid Paiute tribe and the annual Burning Man festival.

The Paiutes help make the drive to the Black Rock Desert an easy, straight shot. In return, the Burning Man organizers give the tribe a yearly economic shot. They also give tribal members special deals–tickets for $40 and two guests for $160 each–according to two tribal members.

“It is very advantageous economically to the tribe,” Tribal Planner Scott Carey said.

“It offers tribal members an opportunity to start up their own businesses.”

Tribal members offer tacos and supplies on the way up. On the way back, they offer food and supplies as well as trash services, car washes and bicycle donation services.
Comment:  For a previous story about Burning Man devotees, see Old Natives Lecture Young Burners and "Go Native" at the Visionary Village.

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