January 06, 2007

Colonists who eat colonists

Cannibalism assertedThe settlers who came ashore in 1607 had among them scoundrels, cheats and murderers. Now comes another revelation about America's founders: Some were cannibals.

The most celebrated instance of cannibalism involved an unnamed settler who strangled his pregnant wife in the couple's bed. He cut open her stomach and threw their unborn child into the river. He then dismembered his wife, "powdered" (salted) her to preserve her and ate portions of her each day.

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Anonymous said...

There was something on this a few weeks ago on the History Channel(I think it was that channel). I was surfing the Channnels and this man was telling the story fast, sounded like he knew his history! I wished I paid more attention.

I wished I kept notes, but they said they ate human flesh because they were starving and even dug up the graves to eat the body! ewwwwww. These were the first colonists that David yeagley praises for their Christian building of America.

The history books nor yeagley talk about this, yet they demoralize the Indians for fighting against being slaughtered and being displaced...saying it was Gods' Will for the White Anglo Saxon Protestants.