January 06, 2007

Red Nation Film Festival

Red Nation Film Festival:  New Kid on the Block Earns Respect and RecognitionThree years. Not a long time, but long enough for the annual Red Nation Film Festival to already have earned the respect of Southern Californians from studio executives, students, European filmmakers, environmental activists, Native spiritual leaders, film fans, to the mayor of Los Angeles.

Red Nation, which ran in Los Angeles on November 14-15, is an annual celebration of the Native culture and its influence on American society. Last year’s theme, “Environmental and Global Warming,” featured former Vice President Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Not a likely choice for an American Indian venue, but a film that is nevertheless fundamentally Native in its perspective, asserts Festival founder Joanelle Romero.


Rob said...

I don't know the reason for the discrepancy, although I bet there's one. Maybe Carole Levine can tell us.

Anonymous said...

The celebration ran for several weeks, of which the festival, which was held on the dates I cited, was only a part of. Yeah, in retrospect, the poster is a bit misleading, isn't it?