January 04, 2007

Followup on Zagar

Interesting note on Zagar from MultiCultClassics:Anheuser-Busch yanked its Bud Light campaign starring Steve and Zagar after Native American groups argued Zagar, who resembled a Yanomamo tribesman, was offensive.It's interesting because I hadn't heard that Anheuser-Busch pulled its ads for that reason, although I guessed it. And I hadn't heard of any Native American groups protesting the ads except, well, me. <g>

P.S. I'm not a Native American group, of course.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the Capital One credit card commercials lately? It looks like they have jumped on the Zagar/Apocalypto/Pirates of the Caribbean band wagon all rolled into one. They have some half-wit white family who uses a competitors credit card that blacks out their airline mileage and they are forced to go on the vacation from hell. They end up on some primitive island and are attacked by the indigenous Indians with blow darts and then carry off the father tied to a long pole making it look like he is about to be cooked and eaten. I wonder where they came up with that premise?

Rob said...

I haven't seen that, but I'd like to. If you can find a news report about it or a video of it online, let me know.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob, I've searched the net to see if I could find a video, but with no luck. I did see the commercial again last night. This commercial is fairly new, so maybe it's still under everyone's radar.
Has anyone seen it? Let me know.

Karen said...

I am googling this subject (which is how I found your post) because I find that new Capital One commercial to be outrageously offensive. I guess they think they can make fun of the natives (who are... generic? Guarani? Waunana dressed as Guarani? I don't know) because the white family is stupid, too.

I am white and about 100 percent Scottish, but I am offended on behalf of the Guarani (or whomever) because it seems obvious to me that the people who made the commercial figure it's not like the aborigines are going to see the commercial and mount a letter-writing campaign. I don't offend easily, but I want to throw something through the television every time I see this commercial.