January 04, 2007

Racist letter of the week

Letter:  Tribal 'sovereignty' a threat to AmericaCalling tribal entitlements a form of sovereignty is an excuse to ignore the make-up-as-we-go capriciousness of Indian law and the racist principle at root. If tribes were sovereign nations, the State Department would deal with them. Our government doesn't recognize Indian tribes as nations of people, but as some endangered plant, animal or mineral collection protected under the Interior Department.

Indian law is racist and unconstitutional. All Americans Indians were made American citizens in 1924 and must be equally protected as promised in the 14th Amendment to our federal constitution."


chrisrowlandfineart said...

One nation under which god? Almighty God? There are so many gods that it's difficult to tell which one the billboard is talking about...

Rob said...

The letter writer didn't invoke God, but I've never heard one of these "one nation" types who didn't bemoan the loss of our "Judeo-Christian values." In other words, who didn't bemoan how immigrants, socialists, feminists, multiculturalists, atheists, and other liberal wackos are destroying our country.

Good letter, Russ. But The Day isn't a student newspaper. It's a regular newspaper published in New London, Connecticut.