May 04, 2008

Entertainment at the FAITA awards

The entertainment highlights at the 16th annual First Americans in the Arts (FAITA) ceremony included:

  • Keith Secola performing his anthem "Frybread" accompanied by Doors drummer John Densmore and Charlie Hill on the harmonica.

  • Leon Thompson and the Northwest Experience performing a fancy dance to an electronic synthesizer tune.

  • Chauntal Lewis and her dance group Fem doing a hot hip-hop routine.

  • Other performances included an opening song by the Tongva Dancers and two songs by Shelly Morningsong.

    Incidentally, for those who don't know Chauntal Lewis, she's described as "Choctaw/Osage on her mother's side." Here's her official website, some photos of her, and the video that apparently made her famous:

    Lindsay Fully Loaded

    Alas, I couldn't find a video of Fem, but here's a video that gives you an idea of Chauntal's dance style:

    Britney Spears--Gimme More

    From genocide to treaty rights to Chauntal Lewis, this blog covers it all.

    For more on the subject, see First Americans in the Arts.

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    writerfella said...

    Writerfella here --
    Mmmm, FAITAs! Hope there was chicken and beef and pork, with lotsa guacamole and Queso! And lime wedges and Flautas and green chili salsa. Now, where did writerfella put his cerveza?
    All Best
    Russ Bates