February 06, 2010

Aztec treasure in Human Target

Human TargetHuman Target is an American action drama television series broadcast by Fox in the United States. It is based on the comic book character of the same title created by Len Wein and Carmine Infantino, and developed for television by Jonathan E. Steinberg.

The series follows the life of Christopher Chance (Mark Valley), a unique private contractor, bodyguard and security expert hired to protect his clients. He protects his clients by completely integrating himself into the lives of the client, to become the human target.
Mark Valley describes the episode Sanctuary (airdate: 2/3/10) in an interview:"There's an episode where I have to save this one guy who was involved in this kind of high-stakes theft ring," Valley said. "He goes undercover in a monastery, so Chance has to go into this monastery in Quebec and dress up as a monk and be a monk to try to find this guy. Once they get there, they realize that why he went there has to do with something that the chief abbot brought back after World War II, which is something that belonged to the pope. It's hidden somewhere in these caves and these caverns of this little monastery."Comment:  In an initial flashback, we see the high-stakes theft that sent the inside man fleeing to a monastery. The crooks try to rob an "Aztec treasure" from shipping crates at a museum.

We mostly get glimpses of the exhibit logo, but at one point someone lifts a gold statue from a box. It looks reasonably authentic, but it's as big as a large coffee pot. I doubt a golden Aztec object that large exists.

If it did, it might be the most valuable Mesoamerican artifact in existence. It would be getting the "King Tut" treatment, with round-the-clock guards and other forms of security. It wouldn't be sitting in a crate waiting to be stolen.

Anyway, Human Target is a lightweight action show that's hardly worth watching. Among the shows airing new episodes in 2010, Lost, 24, Castle, and the new Life Unexpected are all much better. Check it out only if you've run out of other things to watch.

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John R. Platt said...

Huh, I blanked out on the Aztec thing when I watched that episode. Probably because I wasn't watching very carefully.

HT is a decent show, better than some, but you're right, it's light entertainment.