February 13, 2010

Indigenous nations in the Olympics?

Olympic sovereignty

By Rob CapricciosoHave Indian nations been invited to join the games in that sovereign way? Not as the window dressing of the Olympics, but as the dressing itself? If not, why not? Individual Indians have long represented their countries proudly in a variety of athletics, so why not be given the chance to represent their tribal nations as well in the Olympics?

Wouldn’t it just be right to see one, or two, or hundreds of indigenous nations marching into that stadium to compete, fight, and win against the other nations of the world?
Comment:  I'm guessing Capriccioso's proposal won't happen anytime soon. Recognizing tribal nations in the Olympics would be one step toward recognizing them in other forums, and the powers that be don't want to do that.

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dmarks said...

I remember something about Native nations being recognized in the global lacrosse leagues, but I can't find reference to it now.