February 02, 2010

Newton stumps for "Newton Indians"

Wayne Newton to testify on Patawomeck Indians

By Julian WalkerA bit of Las Vegas glitz will come to Virginia's General Assembly today.

Entertainer Wayne Newton is scheduled to testify in support of legislation that would extend state recognition to the Patawomeck Indians, a tribe to which he belongs.
And:The measure, sponsored by House Speaker Bill Howell, R-Stafford County, would add the tribe to the eight already acknowledged by the state. The tribe is also known as the Potomac.

"They used to be called the 'Newton Indians' because Newton is a very common surname in a particular part of Stafford County where these Indians all lived," Howell said. "And there's lots of Newtons there now who can trace their heritage, their ancestry back to the Patawomeck Tribe, and Wayne Newton is one of them."
Wayne Newton | Vegas icon proud of his local rootsVirginia lawmakers shouldn't have any trouble recognizing Newton--a native Virginian--when he pulls into Richmond today to urge the General Assembly to formally recognize the Patawomeck Indians of Virginia.

Newton, who spent part of his childhood in Stafford and Spotsylvania counties, says he's descended from the Patawomeck tribe. He agreed to lobby lawmakers after Chief Robert "Two Eagles" Green sent him a letter, asking him to write to the General Assembly on the tribe's behalf.

"I called him and said, 'Would it be more effective if I came there and delivered it myself?'" said Newton, who canceled his regular performance at the Tropicana's Tiffany Theater so he could appear in Richmond.

Eight other tribes, including the nearby Rappahannocks, already have state recognition, which opens the door to land protection and other important benefits. Newton, whose two daughters have been inducted into the Patawomeck tribe, is hoping his efforts will sway lawmakers.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Wayne Newton's Legal Battles.

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Va. recognizes Patawomeck, tribe of Wayne Newton

RICHMOND, Va. — Virginia has granted official recognition for the Patawomeck Indians, the tribe of Virginia-born entertainer Wayne Newton.