February 03, 2010

Space station in Grand Canyon?

One-of-a-kind space-station hotel proposed at Grand Canyon

By Jim SecklerAn architect presented a state-of-the-art concept Monday to the county supervisors of a space station-like resort at the Grand Canyon.

Michel Sarda submitted a conceptual plan for a resort hotel to be built in the western section of the Grand Canyon possibly in Mohave County. The resort would be built into the walls of the canyon similar to the Anasazi Native American cliff dwellings of Northern Arizona.
Comment:  This project is reminiscent of the Hualapai's Skywalk. But that was on tribal land, not federal land.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say we probably shouldn't defile one of the world's wonders by carving a hotel into its side.

For more on the subject, see Grand Canyon vs. Grand Canyon West.

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