February 08, 2010

Tonto and Ranger's sister-in-law

Greg Burgas reviews the latest issue of THE LONE RANGER:

What I bought--3 February 2010The Lone Ranger #20 by Brett Matthews (writer), Sergio Cariello (artist), Marcelo Pinto (colorist), and Simon Bowland (letterer). $3.50, 22 pgs, FC, Dynamite Entertainment.

Tonto and Linda Reid, John's sister-in-law, have been getting busy, I suppose. The horror of miscegenation!!!!!!
Why I don't buy this comic:Of course, it's another slow burn issue of The Lone Ranger, meaning that John has to deal with the fact that the blonde hottie in his life digs the hunky Indian more than the masked man while Cavendish plans his move against our heroes. I mean, it's an enjoyable comic, and Matthews and Cariello do such a good job with mood and thousand-yard stares and pregnant pauses, but the book does move slowly.Comment:  For more on the subject, see Standalone Ranger Comic and Comic Books Featuring Indians.

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