February 08, 2010

Two views of The Way of the People

Kindred Spirits

Two Navajo painters explore their culture from contrasting perspectives

By Kat Nichols
One’s contemporary, one’s traditional. One’s brilliantly colored, the other more subtle. Two very different pictures—both handling the same subject matter—but from two very different men who will display their work together for the first time and present a taste of the yin and yang of Native American art.

The Echo Canyon Art gallery will be featuring the work of Navajo painters David K. John and Charley Singer in their upcoming show “The Way of the People.” It is the first time since opening their doors in 2008 that Echo Canyon Art has had Native American artists prominently displayed.
Comment:  These artists have an interesting contrast in styles: bold and vibrant vs. moody and atmospheric. Based on the examples at the link, I give John's work the edge. But with a different set of examples, I might give Singer the edge.

For other contemporary Native artists, see Mural Commemorates Ojibwe Rescuer, Marketing Minnesota's Native Artists, and IN/SIGHT 2010 at Chelsea Art Museum.

Below:  "Dragon Fly Chanter" by David K. John.

"Yei Bei Chei" by Charley Singer.

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