February 01, 2010

The way of the "Orrior"

We get e-mail:Hey, interesting site, yours, re: blue corn comics. Spent a bit of time exploring the last time i could, and noted that you apparently never saw some comix i put together on your topic (indigenous issues). Take a look at it:

Visionary Duel Challenge:  crucial arts orrior v. NYM warrior

There, you should see an "array" of art by me. It was originally made in response to a comic made by Zig Zag of the Native Youth Movement, specifically, his first issue of a comic that I thought ought to be questioned and challenged.

Of course, the easy response is to assume that I'm just another meddling outsider, but if you take the time to think through what I'm proposing....you might see the value of the grey areas I'm presenting (i.e. an alternative to glorifying/promoting violent self-defense as Zig Zag does, at least in his early issues of his zine).

I'm not merely coming from a superficial liberal or conservative background, either. I'm semi-seasoned in a few groups contending with ever-heightening oppression in this society (the mainline one), have "front line" experience, including experience with success in militant nonviolent offensive strategies.

That said, I realize that indigenous peoples the world over are often pushed into a no-win corner, and that violent self-defense can prove to be "the only possible" response in the such a face. Still, I maintain that there are strategies of nonviolent militance which have shown excellence in her/history.

For what it may be worth,
chaz hot-seat rider
Comment:  I've never heard of any of these people until now. But then I don't know much about the underground "comix" scene.

Naturally, I agree with the nonviolent way of the "Orrier" over the way of "Zig Zag, Warrior Comix." I don't even need to read the comics before making that determination. The nonviolent way is almost always best.

That's my position even if the warrior is Native and the "orrier" isn't. Readers know what I think of savage warriors who think violence is the best or only solution.

I also like the name "orrior" as an alternative to "warrior." As in someone who looks for nontraditional solutions--e.g., alternatives to violence and war. In other words, a fighter against fighting--a peacemaker.

In fact, I could almost see Orrior as the name of a superhero--star of a comic book with a multicultural perspective. The Orrior fights for truth, justice, and the American way--or whichever way provides the greatest good to the greatest number of people. If that means the Chinese or Native or Vulcan way, so be it.

I'm not that crazy about the Orrior Comix itself. It's too much of a wild collage of weird pictures and hand-written text for me. It makes me want to skim it quickly rather than read it. But if "Chaz" used Photoshopped images and computer fonts in a more standard layout, it might be decent.

For more on the subject, see Comic Books Featuring Indians.

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dmarks said...

Works fine except when you get to those with certain accents like Dan Rather, who liked to speak of the "War on Terra".

Out of such mouths, Orrier sounds too much like the name of a cookie.