February 06, 2010

Where are Obama's Cabinet reports?

Uh, hello? Anybody remember that Obama issued an order to his Cabinet members to produce reports within 90 days? It's been 92 days by my calculation, so where are the reports? I expect we'll hear about 15 detailed action plans in the next day or so...right?

Otherwise, we'll start talking about Obama's broken promise to tribes. I suspect he won't appreciate the negative publicity.

Someone on Facebook said, "Maybe the nix on discretionary spending will result in a delay." To which I responded:

The deficit may delay when the plans are implemented, but it shouldn't change when the plans are due. That's now.

There will always be cutbacks and crises in government. I don't think they're a legitimate excuse for ignoring issues in Indian country. As with anything, you make time for your highest priorities.

This is especially true of the Cabinet members' reports. Obama promised the reports knowing we were in the middle of a recession, deficit spending, healthcare reform, etc. Nothing earth-shaking has happened since Nov. 6. So where are the reports?

For more on the subject, see Obama at the Tribal Summit.


Sparky said...

I have to say, that after reading this blog for many month now, all I have to do is see a single feather on someone's head and I think "ugh! stereotype!" so you can imagine my reaction to the photo in this posting.

Rob said...

The Crow are one of the tribes who traditionally wear such headdresses. So I wouldn't call this a stereotype.

But I think Plains tribes overuse them sometimes as a status symbol. I'd save them for truly important occasions such as meeting a president.