January 04, 2011

Ryan Huna Smith's diabetes comic book

A cell phone in every hand; a mobile app to teach

By Lisa FalkI’m excited that at the Arizona State Museum we are also working on a digital project to reach out to teens about an important message: preventing diabetes. Working with Native artist Ryan Huna Smith and consulting with teens, we are developing a digital comic as a mobile app to address healthy lifeways for diabetes prevention. The story has a Native American focus and is brought to life through Ryan’s cutting edge graphic drawings. The mobile app is being developed to compliment an exhibit we will host next fall, Through the Eyes of the Eagle, which features the original artwork from a book series of the same name that was developed by Indian Health Services and the Center for Disease Control. The app will be available initially in English and Tohono O’odham.Comment:  For more on the subject, see Eagle Books Promote Healthiness and Comics Good for Your Health.

Below:  "From Through the Eyes of the Eagle, illustration by Patrick Rolo & Lisa A. Fifield, cropped image."

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Burt said...

Thanks for posting this Rob! Indian country is in bad shape with diabetes, especially the youth.

Across the board though, I think obesity and diabetes are beginning to take shape in all races.

America's youth and young adults (20-35) are stuck in a technological culture that has intensified "passive" entertainment over physical movement.