November 28, 2011

Americans support tribal sovereignty

Zogby Poll Finds Support for Tribal Sovereignty

By Rob CapricciosoResults from a new poll by the IBOPE Zogby International polling firm indicate that an overwhelming majority of the American public supports tribal sovereignty—the well-established concept that tribes have the right to govern themselves.

The poll, released in mid-November, found that 88 percent of the U.S. public supports a component of sovereignty for Native American tribes. The survey found that the overwhelming majority of respondents supported honoring longstanding treaties between the government and tribes.
Comment:  The survey was commissioned by the Native American Lending Alliance (NALA), which represents tribal payday loan companies. These companies are in trouble with the law for (mis)using sovereignty to shield themselves from scrutiny. That makes the survey's findings a little suspect.

For more on tribal sovereignty, see Cherokee Nation Risks Everyone's Treaties and "Rent-a-Tribe" Payday Loan Companies.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Most people do want sovereignty. Outside of Flyover Country, the biggest obstacle is more ignorance than racism.

Yeah, I still say that if anybody's stupid enough to think an Indian owning a payday lending company makes it any less of a payday lending company, let natural selection take its course.