November 05, 2011

Will Rogers on Wall Street

Will Rogers on Occupy Wall Street

By Steve Russell“It’s all right to let Wall Street bet each other millions of dollars every day but why make these bets affect the fellow who is plowing a field out in Claremore, Oklahoma?”

My all time favorite Cherokee, Will Rogers, wrote that in 1924. Today, most of the fellows plowing fields in Claremore, OK, are still Cherokee—but a lot fewer of them own the land they are plowing.
And:“When a party can’t think of anything else they always fall back on Lower Taxes. It has a magic sound to a voter, just like Fairyland…” Will Rogers wrote that in 1924, not 2000, and in the same year he expressed the only thing that will get us out of this even if we do, as Occupy Wall Street demands, quit allowing unlimited gambling with other people’s money:

“People want JUST taxes, more than they want lower taxes. They want to know that every man is paying his proportionate share according to his wealth.”

Maybe I’m biased by my Cherokee genes, but any man who could write that in 1924 deserves our attention today.
Comment:  As we can see, Occupy Wall Street's message is nothing new. Pundits have been noting the evils of capitalism since the beginning. For instance:I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws our country.Thomas Jefferson, letter to George Logan, Nov. 12th, 1816For more on Will Rogers, see Play About Will Rogers's Courtship and Will Rogers = Jon Stewart.

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