November 25, 2011

Occupiers join National Day of Mourning

In solidarity, Occupy group joins with Native Americans

By Brian R. BallouAbout 30 Occupy Boston protesters traveled from their encampment in Boston’s Financial District to join the National Day of Mourning here yesterday, lending their support to a Native American demonstration held each Thanksgiving.

The organizers of the event recognized the Occupy members, telling them Native Americans are participants in the same struggle.

“When a hand is reached out in friendship like that, we want to support in-kind,” said Mahtowin Monroe, an organizer with the United American Indians of New England who spoke to a crowd of about 200 assembled on Cole’s Hill, overlooking the Plymouth Rock tourist attraction.

“Their cause is really straightforward, as is ours: One percent of the population holds [much] of the wealth in this country, and people’s benefits are getting slashed and people are losing their homes,” said Moonanum James, co-chairman of the United American Indians of New England. “On our reservations, we are mired in the deepest poverty. The idea is to have some equality in this country . . . economic equality.”
Comment:  We've seen Indians and Occupiers find common cause in Occupy Denver Joins Columbus Protest. And Indians criticize Occupiers in Occupiers Aren't Decolonizers. I hope Indians continue to join the protests while critiquing them as needed.

For more on the Occupy movement, see Occupy Toronto Exposes Anti-Indian Racism and Indians Occupy Umatilla Tribal Center.

Below:  "Jeremy Harper (center) was one of a group of about 30 protesters from the Occupy Boston encampment who marched with the Day of Mourning gathering." (Yoon S. Byun/Globe Staff)

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