November 21, 2011

Indian cultural center at Alcatraz

American Indian Occupation Gets Permanent Exhibit At AlcatrazSome forty years after a group of protesters—which swelled at one point to 800 people—occupied the island of Alcatraz for 19 months to protest the unfair seizing of Native American lands, a room in the prison's basement is getting a permanent exhibit including video and sound recordings about the occupation. The occupation ended in 1971, after protesters had hoped for almost two years to turn the island into an American Indian university or cultural center.And:The new American Indian cultural center and exhibit will become a permanent part of the tour of the island. As one occupation alum puts it, "we did get our cultural center after all. It just takes time."Comment:  For more on Alcatraz, see Alcatraz Inspired Nixon to Act and "Swim for Life" from Alcatraz.

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