November 01, 2011

Kiowa Libertarian seeks office

Libertarian aims to get on ballot

His party will need more than 51,000 signatures of state residents

By Dylan Goforth
With the 2012 presidential election on the horizon, a Libertarian candidate from Oklahoma is getting started. But his first order of business is getting his party on the state ballot.

The candidate, R.J. Harris of Norman, said during a recent visit to Muskogee that it’s clear that the country is ready to see a third-party candidate in office. But for a Libertarian candidate to appear on the Oklahoma ballot, the Oklahoma Libertarian Party needs to collect more than 51,000 signatures by March 1.
And:A Kiowa, Harris said both his and the party’s message has been well received in the Native American community. He said cities such as Muskogee can play a key role in the process of granting ballot access to the Libertarian Party.

“What we find is that many people’s beliefs align with the Libertarian Party, but they’re so entrenched in the idea that they have to be a Democrat or a Republican that they don’t know it,” he said. “If people in Muskogee feel they may be interested, they can take control, sign the petition and tell others about the party.”
Comment:  Russell Means ran as a Libertarian too. What these people don't seem to realize is that free markets and a lack of government oversight is what destroyed the Indians in the first place.

For more on Indians and libertarianism, see Ayn Rand, Racist, Stossel:  Indians Are Biggest Moochers, and Capitalism Killed the Indians.

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