November 28, 2011

Robinson speaks for Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters Draft Basketball Star Tahnee Robinson as Spokesperson

By Brian DaffronMany recognize Tahnee Robinson for playing guard for the University of Nevada and for being the first American Indian to be drafted by the WNBA. However, these accomplishments may not have happened if it wasn’t for her coaches and parents serving as her mentors. Now, Robinson has a chance to serve as a mentor by being the official spokesperson for Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS).

“Mentoring is about putting a child on a path to success and giving kids the power to believe that they can achieve their dreams,” Robinson said in a statement released by BBBS. “While I was fortunate enough to count my parents as my true mentors, I will always do whatever it takes to make sure kids have the mentorship and tools they deserve, and the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization does that better than anyone.”

Comment:  For more on Tahnee Robinson, see Tahnee Robinson Is Sullivan Award Finalist and WNBA Drafts 1st "Full-Blooded" Native.

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