November 01, 2011

Cornbread and Cornbeads

Owl sisters’ play nominated for awards

By Lizz HaroldPatience and Constance Owl travel to Los Angeles on Friday to watch their words come to life on stage at the Autry National Center.

Their play, Cornbread and Cornbeads, is in the final round of competition and up for the 2011 Award for Excellence in Playwriting and $1,000 grand prize.

The sisters had always thrown around the concept for a short play based on being raised in a hybrid household–a traditional Southern family on one side, the ways of the native Cherokee on the other.
Comment:  For more on Cherokee theater, see Cherokee Dirty Laundry Debuts and Frybread Queen at the Autry.

Below:  "Sisters Constance and Patience Owl have written a play based on their experiences growing up in a blended family. The play, Cornbread and Cornbeads, chronicles their life growing up with Southern and Cherokee parents." (Scott Wallace)

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