November 06, 2011

Robin Gibb seeks Native cure

Native American Cure for Robin GibbTHE wife of frail Bee Gees star Robin Gibb is trying to persuade him to visit a Native American medicine man.

Robin, 61, was struck down with a stomach ­illness and Dwina thinks Miccosukee Indians in Florida could cure him.

She believes they saved her after she was bitten by a spider hidden in artwork she brought back from Mexico.
And:“This incredible Indian tribe introduced Robin and I to something called ‘Spider Medicine’ that ­apparently contains ­properties that can help you get well from certain untreatable illnesses.Comment:  For more on Native cures, see Means's Tumor Has Shrunk.

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Anonymous said...

If there's anything I'm always surprised at about Indians, it's how much our medicine does provide some treatments. I mean, hell, Lakota mores are a "social vaccine" against HIV. (Western sexual mores at this juncture are "screw whoever you want, as long as you stick with one gender". Lakota sexual mores are more about fidelity.) Not that big of a deal, since HIV is rare among Indians, though in the early 90s, an HIV-positive Sundancer infected a few other dancers. (Through his blood, before the local crystal-wavers ask. Don't need to give them any ideas after Harley Reagan and friends.)

Lots of weird things happen.

Note that most healers who claim to be Indian, aren't.