April 05, 2012

More than Frybread is "must-see"

'More Than Frybread' hits the funny bone

By Alastair Lee BitsoiHamilton said he chose to write "More Than Frybread" as a comedy to showcase tribal nationalism, evil-eye staring, and inter-tribal competition.

"I have journeyed across Native America and when it comes to fry bread, a lot of my friends claim their tribe or grandma makes the best fry bread," Hamilton said. "I wondered why there wasn't a competition... It was a fun idea."

And to show that pride, the 90-minute film closely follows five individuals, representing the Hualapai, Hopi, Navajo, Tohono O'odham and Yavapai-Apache tribes, who are obsessed with their own fry-bread making skills.

Hamilton chose seasoned performers--actors, comedians and musicians--for the lead roles: Teresa M. Choyguha, Tohono O'odham; twin sisters Dey and Nite Gomez, Arapaho; Jennifer Joseph, Hopi; Tatanka Means, Navajo/Lakota; and Camille Nighthorse, Hualapai.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see More than Frybread Seeks Funding and The Best Indian Movies.

Below:  "Dey Gomez poses outside Aztec 5 theater Friday where the movie More than Frybread is playing in Gallup." (Donovan Quintero)

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