April 14, 2012

Vanessa Hudgens as Tiger Lily

Your Disney days are over! Vanessa Hudgens goes back to her innocent roots with Tiger Lily outfit at Coachella

By Leah SimpsonShe’s too far from her innocent Disney beginnings to turn back now but Vanessa Hudgens and her beau Austin Butler were clearly reminiscing about their childhood today as they hung out at Coachella music festival.

Perhaps the star of the High School Musical television series and movies was inadvertently telling those around her that she never wants to grow up when she appeared to dress as the Peter Pan character Tiger Lily.

The 23-year-old looked exactly like the princess of the Tribe of Indians from the make believe Neverland as she donned Native American attire to the Guess Hotel And Smoke & Mirrors Party.

Comment:  Okay, it's author Simpson's conceit that Hudgens looks like Tiger Lily. We don't know if Hudgens thinks that.

Simpson may have thought Tiger Lily was a more original Disney reference than Pocahontas, the obvious choice. But it amounts to the same thing: a sexy Indian princess.

Her getup isn't as bad as that of some Indian-wannabe starlets. But it's still stereotypical.

Beyond Hudgens

Indian headdresses are a perennial problem at events like the Coachella Music Festival. Indeed, I posted Indian Headdreses at Coachella in 2010.

The Fashionista blog reported on this year's fashion trends at Coachella. Below are the comments related to Indians. If you follow the links, you can see the pictures they refer to.

Step Away From the Feathers: 10 Coachella Trends That Need To Die

By Tyler McCall

[fringed skirts and vests]This look has hints of “slutty Pocahontas costume” that hits us the wrong way. If you can’t rock out to the Black Keys without getting tangled up with your neighbor, you’re just being rude.[hipsters in headdresses]Are we the only ones who find this trend borderline offensive? I mean, you’re jamming out to Gotye and drinking designer beer, not dropping peyote in the desert trying to find your spirit animal. On top of that, it’s just culturally insensitive.[facepaint under eyes]We all love Florence and the Machine as much as the next person, but unless you’re up on stage we beg you to leave the face paint to the professionals. Why? Because Ke$ha, that’s why.[Vanessa Hudgens]Vanessa Hudgens deserves a place in the Coachella Hall of Fame for nailing so many of our Worst Trends: face paint, fringe, feather headdress, denim cutoffs, daisy chains, crochet, and prairie dressing, amongst other crimes of fashion. But she always looks like she’s having a blast. So more power to you, Vanessa.For more on the subject, see Indian Headdresses at Bay to Breakers Run and White Girls Play Indian at Powwow.

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